Surviving Wakashio!

Pays Maurice
Date 10 Déc 2020
Auteur Stefan Gua
Catégories Ecologie, Social


Riviere des Creoles
The Wakashio vessel that wrecked in Mahebourg lagoon has created a lot of despair. Virginie Orange, Laura Morosoli and Jean Michel Rose have been busy since the very beginning of this crisis in giving much of their time and energy to support some 200 families whose livelihoods depend in a way or another on the sea. Even if the government of Mauritius is, for some reason, playing it cool as if everything is back to normal, such is not the case. Families are still in distress and traces of oil are still visible. So far no official data and figures that indicate the toxins that are still in the water… yet the sea has been opened again after several months for leisure activities…