Rezistans ek Alternativ (ReA) held a press conference on Saturday, June 22, during which members of the eco-socialist political party addressed the liberation of the market for the recruitment of foreign workers as well as the by-election of Constitution No. 10.  Present at the conference are Ashok Subron, David Sauvage, Kugan Parapen, and Stefan Gua.

According to Ashok Subron of Rezistans Ek Alternativ, the opening of the labor market to foreign workers is a second wave of ‘coolitude’. For the eco-socialist party, the implications of the liberation of the migrant workers’ recruitment market have not been rigorously examined. Indeed, such measures are likely to impact the Mauritian society of today and that of the future.

“Mauritius is experiencing a rather special moment in its history: a circular migration. On the one hand, the ruling regimes and the economic elite are encouraging the arrival of rich billionaires and, on the other, migrant workers who will be exploited. At the same time, there is an exodus of Mauritian brains on a scale not seen since independence. »


Ashok Subron was very critical of Renganaden Padayachy, who had said at a press conference that he did not have time to do a study on this exodus and that what interests him « are these billionaires who come to the country. » The member of Rezistans ek Alternativ condemned the finance minister for saying that no one is indispensable. « ReA to Padayachy: You’re not indispensable either. »

The history of Mauritius is based on cheap labor. Today, 56 years after independence, Mauritius continues to find it difficult to detach itself from this cheap economy. With the various economic pillars put in place, such as the hotel industry or BPO, we are witnessing the continuity of the practice of cheap labor.

For Ashok Subron, the new economy will be based even more on the exploitation of cheap labour. « It is public money that will be used to top up the minimum wage of workers, not that of the bosses. »

For the part to which the employers will contribute for the minimum wage, he added, this has been agreed upon on the condition that it can import cheap foreign labor.

Is there really a lack of workers?

Ashok Subron stressed that the quota that exists for the recruitment of foreign workers is no longer relevant. Sectors such as manufacturing, ICT, and BPO will now be able to employ 100% of migrant workers. In addition, the salary threshold for professionals has been revised downward, i.e., from now on, a foreign professional will be able to earn Rs 22,500 instead of Rs 45,000.

“We will soon have a second wave of coolitude.”

Unemployment in Mauritius.

Figures from Statistics Mauritius show that the unemployment rate is decreasing. However, Ashok Subron recalled that youth unemployment remains high, that 20% of the unemployed have tertiary education, that a third of unemployed young people have had their precarious employment contracts terminated, and that 37,600 are working part-time or are underused.

David Sauvage spoke about the partial at no. 10. Recalling that the writ of election has already been issued on May 12, that the nomination day is set for July 11, and that the by-election will take place in principle on October 9.

“We are in a context where we have had the dismissal and resignation of a deputy without anyone knowing the reason. There was a deal between the PM and the MP to remain silent, and the dismissed resigned, who will probably be the candidate of the Militant Socialist Movement.”

David Sauvage says that all this highlights the practices of this regime, which does not hesitate to use all its tricks to stay in power.

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